What’s the Difference Between Digital and Traditional Marketing?

“Marketing” in its traditional sense is not digital marketing. While marketing is digital, marketing itself isn’t solely digital, and over the years, marketing has presented itself in a variety of industries. Though digital marketing does encompass marketing, it is a separate entity.

Because marketing comes in a variety of forms, we want to discuss the differences between “traditional” marketing and “digital” marketing to help you understand what it is we do here, what it is we don’t do here, and how we can help you with what your company needs – whether that’s something we do in-house or find someone who can help us accomplish your goals.

Traditional Marketing

Many of us are familiar with traditional marketing channels. After all, these marketing methods have shaped buying habits and behaviors for the better part of human history (see: propaganda). If you’re not sure what we’re talking about when we say “traditional marketing,” these examples may help to jog your memory (we’re sure they’re going to offer a light bulb “Aha!” moment):

  • Roadside billboards
  • Television commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Tri-fold brochures
  • Door tags (you know, those menus you get all the time?)

It’s likely that you’ve experienced these types of traditional marketing, though you may not have known the terms used to describe them. That’s ok! That’s why we’re here. We are always helping our clients to understand how the marketing arena is changing. Even though there’s been a huge push toward digital marketing, watch a show: you’ll see advertisements for everything from class-action lawsuits to prescription medication (for anything under the sun) to juice boxes for your kids – traditional marketing is still a viable option for companies to get their message out to potential customers.


This one may come as a surprise, but sales is a type of marketing. As a sales representative, you are representing your business in a marketing sense to gain new clients or customers. However, it’s important to note that sales is not completely separate from digital marketing.

When the efforts are combined, sales and digital marketing actually work very well together. For example: the digital marketing team creates campaigns specifically designed to create leads, which then go to the sales department in order to close the deal.

We’ve worked with several clients combining the digital marketing strategies we excel in with their sales expertise to increase business and the bottom dollar. Want to know more? Just ask us!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can actually fuel your sales team and the directions for their point of entry with a client. Digital marketing gathers data, then uses that data to optimize a company’s overall marketing efforts and drive qualified leads to the company (and the sales team).

When executed correctly, digital marketing is a great way to reach your clients and/or customers, as well as people who can influence the higher-ups to purchase from you instead of your competitors. Digital marketing – where we excel – includes all marketing strategies performed online. These can include:

Digital marketing has revolutionized the marketing landscape, with many companies turning to digital counterparts where they used to seek out traditional marketing. Digital marketing offers companies large and small a wealth of benefits, such as low overhead costs (you can even outsource this to another agency, taking it out-of-house) and high ROI. Additional tracking options make digital marketing an even more attractive way to reach your customers and view a breakdown of the efficacy of your campaigns to continue growing with the ever-changing digital marketing industry.

Integrate Digital Marketing into Your Company

Are you ready to try out digital marketing and see how it can change your company? We know from experience how valuable these strategies are, and bring nearly 20 years of experience to the table (plus our fun, geeky nature makes it more fun). Horde Marketing delivers the highest quality digital marketing strategies with the statistics to back up our claims. We’ve watched company’s numbers soar following our campaigns, and look forward to working with new companies to increase their bottom line.

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