Helpful Computer Repair Tips To Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

In today’s age, having a working computer plays a critical role in everyday life. Computers make people’s lives easier in many ways – from offering access to news and entertainment, to social media and video conferencing software that allows you to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers on the other side of the world. For this reason, Horde Marketing has compiled a list of recommendations to help reduce your future computer repair needs.

Our Top Recommended Computer Repair Tips

In order to keep your computer dependable and working at top performance, it’s best to follow a few simple guidelines to maintain its performance. Below we have compiled our top recommended actions you can take today to keep your repair needs at a minimum.

Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Updated

Viruses and malware always pose a severe threat to all networked computers. Keeping your Anti-Virus software updated to the most recent version protects against new variations and outbreaks as they occur. By doing so, these malignant programs can’t penetrate your system or your network.

According to Symantec, the last few years have been very active for computer malware and viruses. Some of these threats originate from places like North Korea. Once these threats penetrate a victim’s computer, the malware can complete any number of tasks, including stealing personal data, taking control of the computer operations, do code injections, and other malicious tasks.

Ransomware has also surged. In this type of computer intrusion, the victim’s computer system gets held ‘hostage’ by the attacker. To get it released,’ the owner gets told they must pay, often in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Use A Surge-Protected Power Source

Unexpected power outages or power surges can cause significant damage to expensive computer equipment. To safeguard computer components, including monitors, speakers, printers, and motherboards, using a surge-protected power source is recommended.

Another option is to choose a battery-powered outlet. This type of outlet provides electricity to your devices in the event of a power outage.

Surge-protection helps to safeguard expensive and valuable computers against various types of power outages, including brownouts. Brownouts occur when there is a temporary drop in voltage, but there isn’t a full blackout.

Blackouts, on the other hand, occur when there is a complete loss of power. This type of power outage can get caused by inclement weather conditions, scheduled downtime or maintenance, or unexpected electrical issues on the grid.

When there is a power failure, complex operating systems must stop operations without following the standard shut down protocols. An abrupt electrical loss breaks these protocols and threatens to leave computer systems in an irrecoverable state.

System files are vulnerable during power outages. For instance, if a system file is getting written to the hard drive, and there is a hard drive failure, this causes system corruption. Corruption could cause boot-up or complete system failure. The computer may need to undergo a recovery procedure or other computer repair to restart.

Update Your Computer

In much the similar way that Anti-virus software needs to stay updated, so does your computer itself. In many cases, updates get completed automatically on internet-connected devices.

If you are using a computer that has reached the “End Of Life” status on the browser type, operating system, or computer hardware, it might be worth replacement. Outdated and unsupported computers are vulnerable to attacks and poor user experiences.

Types of computer issues you may experience on a non-updated or unsupported computer system may include slow page load times, unresponsive pages, network errors, and other unfavorable user experiences.

Luckily, most computer updates run automatically on today’s modern, connected computer systems. If automatic updates are disabled, computer users should get a notice alerting them that an update is available so that they can complete it at their convenience.

In more complex configurations, such as server farms, extra care must get taken to ensure that all equipment is running the most recent hardware and software patches. By keeping all software and hardware updated, system administrators are taking all the correct steps to keep their network operating safely, securely, and efficiently.

Turn Off Computers When Not In Use

Like all types of machinery, one way to help extend the lifespan of your computer is by shutting it down when it isn’t in use. By turning off the equipment at the end of the day, you help to conserve energy.

Further, since the computer isn’t ‘online,’ it isn’t a ‘live target’ for intrusions or security breaches when the laptop isn’t used or getting monitored.

For homes and offices with multiple computers on-premise, the simple act of shutting down the computers at night saves significant amounts of money, especially when factored over a long time.

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