Local Computer Repair Services

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When someone is having trouble with their computer and needs it repaired, they often go to big outlet stores such as Staples or Best Buy to get it fixed. Chances are, these locations will help you get your devices back in working order, but at what cost? What’s the wait time going to look like? […]

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2020’s Best Gaming Keyboards for All Skill Levels

Aside from providing digital marketing services for businesses, Horde Marketing also has a passion for PC gaming. With over 20 years of expertise in the gaming industry, our IT Department is here to service your needs when it comes to the right accessories for the right game. Before we started giving expert advice on SEO, […]

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Reliable Computer Hard Drives – Never Run Out of Data Again

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No matter who you are and what you use your technology for, we can all agree that running out of memory is extremely frustrating. Having multiple hard drives can help! Whether it be for storing family photos, saving important documents or doing something that requires large amounts of data, having a quality hard drive is […]

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Top Gaming Mouse Picks From a Team of PC Gamers

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Horde Marketing is a group of tech savvy individuals who love helping businesses with all their technology needs. Many of our employees participate in PC gaming during down time at the office and at home. Not only were we bragging about who is better at which game, but we even got into a friendly debate […]

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Bring Your Video Game to Life with Gaming Headsets

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Looking for the Best Gaming Headset? At Horde Marketing our specialties are Information Technology Services and Digital Marketing Services for businesses who are trying to uplift their brand. Naturally, a business filled with technology savvy individuals is bound to have some online gamers in its ranks. After talking around the office for a bit, we […]

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Simplify Your Life and Alleviate Clutter with New Computer Accessories

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Sometimes… Computer Accessories Need to be Upgraded As the world around us continues to evolve and grow, it is important for us to not fall behind the changing times. Here at Horde Marketing, our Technology Department specializes in Information Technology (IT) Services for homes and businesses who are trying to stay ahead of the curve. […]

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The Top 9 Best Hidden GPS Trackers Available for 2019

gps traker devices

Are you a business owner having a hard time keeping tabs on all the company vehicles? Are you a concerned parent worried about where your child is hanging out after school? If so, then we have a special treat in store for you. After spending several hours scouring the internet, we can confidently say that […]

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Helpful Computer Repair Tips To Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

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In today’s age, having a working computer plays a critical role in everyday life. Computers make people’s lives easier in many ways – from offering access to news and entertainment, to social media and video conferencing software that allows you to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers on the other side of the world. […]

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