Solve Email Problems With These Helpful Tips

troubleshoot email problems

Sometimes, we treat our emails as the safe haven for all our personal information. The problem with this is there are no shortages of ways you can potentially lose access to your account or delete valuable information.

Let’s say you are someone who needs email support immediately, what should you do?

If you don’t have time to wait, contact the Technology Department at Horde Marketing so we can provide remote IT support for your home or business as soon as possible.

If you have a moment, check out our helpful tutorial on how to fix and avoid common email problems so you never have to experience them again.

Quick Solutions to Email Problems

Before you panic about your email not working and make a call for email support, do the following steps first.

  • Can you get to the internet? If not, you may have a problem with your connection and not your email.
  • If you use a program such as Outlook, try closing and reopening the program. If you are using webmail, try signing out and back in your  email account.
  • Check your spam folder for any missing messages.
  • Review your settings for any accidental blocked addresses or filters that send your emails to other folders.
  • Restart Reset your Computer (turn if off and back on again).

Have you done all of these things and are still experiencing email problems? If so, it sounds like your problem is more specific. Let’s dive into a few things that may help you get going again.

If you need some helpful computer repair tips to keep your computer running smoothly, don’t forget to check our other blog once you’ve finished here.

Backup Emails to Save Important Data

Backing up your emails is the first line of defense for any potential problems you may experience.

If you use email at your workplace, chances are you most likely use an IMAP or Exchange account. IMAP and Exchange servers automatically archive emails on a server so that they can be accessed anytime from anywhere. If you are using an Exchange account, check with your IT support personnel about how to access archived emails.

If you want to save emails for yourself, one of the easiest ways to do this is by using an external hard drive. If you don’t have an external hard drive just create a folder in your computer and manually move your files into it. If you are unsure about how to do that, follow these easy steps.

  • Click File > Open & Export > Import/Export
  • Select Export to a file, Click Next
  • Select Outlook Data File (.pst), Click Next
  • Choose the email folder you want to back up, Click Next
  • Choose a name and location for your backup file, Click Finish

If you are using Outlook, you can click “Auto Archive” to digitally back up all your emails. If you use Gmail, download “Save and Backup My Emails” from the Google Store. Then, click on “Backup all emails” on the home-screen to allow cloudHQ to back up all your emails and save it in PDF form.

Email Problems – Resolve Sending Or Receiving

If you’ve tried everything in the “Quick Solutions Checklist” and are still encountering problems, it could be that you have a security conflict being caused by your antivirus software or firewall.

To find out if this is the culprit, temporarily disable your security software (don’t forget to turn it back on once you’re done). Next, try sending an email to yourself. If it turns out you can receive/send now, then your security software needs an update.

Another thing that can be causing you problems is if your mailbox is full. Be sure to double check the size limit of your mailbox (if it has one) before jumping to any conclusion.

Still having issues? You may need remote IT support and computer repair services to resolve the issue.

Contact Horde Marketing for Remote Email and Computer Repair Services

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