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local computer repair near me

When someone is having trouble with their computer and needs it repaired, they often go to big outlet stores such as Staples or Best Buy to get it fixed. Chances are, these locations will help you get your devices back in working order, but at what cost? What’s the wait time going to look like? Do you have to make an appointment, or can you just walk in? Will it be fixed the same day, or do you have to come back and pick it up?

Unfortunately, you may not like the answers to any of these questions.

The problem with a big outlet store is they are just like any other large corporation. At the end of the day, it’s all about speed, turnover rate and profit margins. Setting up a meeting, waiting for your parts to come in and heading back to the store to pick up your computer is simply way too many steps for a computer repair service in the 21st century.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have someone come to you?

Local is Always Better

The Geek Squad at Best Buy is great for some things, such as on-site TV wall mounting or home theater installations. But when it comes to computer repairs, it is not necessarily their forte. What you need is a business that specifically deals with computer repairs that has all the parts needed to accomplish a fix on site. No appointment necessary and no long wait time for your service either, you should want the service as in-and-out as possible.

At Horde Marketing, we are one of Georgia’s finest Digital Marketing and Technology Repair services throughout the state. We take pride in delivering excellence at a timely rate without compromising quality in the process. Not only are we in the business of helping businesses market themselves online, but we also have a robust network of local computer repair information technology (IT) technicians readily available for our customers.

Reliable Computer Repair Near You

Although we are based in Monticello, Georgia, Horde Marketing has spread its web of services to also include residents in Jasper County, Butts County, Henry County, Clayton County and Fulton County. When you type in computer repair near me, chances are we’ll be one of the top local contacts available (first you must sift through all the big companies that have more money for advertising than us).

We may not be as widespread as some other businesses, but by staying local we have been able to accumulate a reliable, loyal list of clients who take pride in our communication, dependability and expertise. From computer repair/upgrades to computer network solutions and malware removal, we do a little bit of everything.

Available “On the Fly”

Is there a deadline looming over the horizon? Do you have an important paper due by midnight or need to finish work for a customer and your computer just “tapped out” during crunch time?

Don’t pull your hair out of frustration or give yourself a miniature heart attack from panic, we can help. We offer same day local computer repair services to both residential and commercial clients. Whether you are a gamer who needs their laptop fixed as soon as possible or a business owner with a large server and multiple technology issues, chances are we have a solution for your problem.

Our IT technicians are certified and on call throughout the week just waiting for an order to come in. If for whatever reason they are unable to fix the problem themselves (slim chance, but you never know), there is always another technician on standby that can assist. Best of all, our IT technicians are trained to be practical in their approach.

What does that mean?

That means we won’t up-charge or recommend a more costly solution when there is a simpler option at hand. Although big retail corporate giants have friendly customer service representatives whose jobs are to help you, it all comes down to squeezing as much profit as possible. Compared to us at Horde Marketing, not only are we just as hospitable as they are, but we also save you lots of money too.

Contact our IT Department today

Don’t just Google “computer repair near me” and settle for the first service that comes up on your search bar. If you are interested in acquiring our expert services but aren’t sure what to do next, just reach out! Our customer service representatives are ready to help you in any way they can. Simply contact us over the web or give us a call at (678-961-9435) to speak to someone directly. Don’t wait another day to get your prized laptop or PC functioning again at 100% capacity.