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No matter who you are and what you use your technology for, we can all agree that running out of memory is extremely frustrating. Having multiple hard drives can help! Whether it be for storing family photos, saving important documents or doing something that requires large amounts of data, having a quality hard drive is an absolute must.

At Horde Marketing LLC, we have been helping businesses and entrepreneurs expand their brand with the help of our innovative technology and marketing techniques. Naturally, we use some of the best computer accessories to make sure our computers do their due diligence for our clients. Because we really do care about our customers, we have compiled a helpful list of some of our favorite hard drives that we use on a daily business. Check it out and see if any of the products listed peak your interest.

Product #6 – WD Blue 1TB PC Hard Drive

When investing in a hard drive, one of the biggest factors that determines quality and durability is the business behind its creation. Since 1970, Western Digital has been creating excellent data storage components for products such as calculators, PCs and more. Their new, sleek blue internal hard drive is available in 500 GB and goes up to a ridiculous 6 TB of storage data. You likely will invest in somewhere between 1 to 3 TB, but it is nice to know you have options.

Product #5 – WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

Looking for external hard drives specifically? Western Digital also produces this fashionably elegant computer hard drive that is roughly the size of your hand. It may not get up to 6 TB like the previous solid-state drive (SSD), but 5 TB should be more than sufficient. If you are afraid of installing the hi-tech hardware yourself, you can hire a professional to efficiently install it for $64.31.

Product #4 – Toshiba HDTB420XK3AA Canvio Basics 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

Next up on the list we move away from domestic hard drives and switch to Toshiba, an electronic giant stationed in the far east. Known for their 3D Televisions and Chromebook laptops, they also happen to be very good at making hard drives. In terms of how much data you get for your money, this stylish piece of ingenuity comfortably gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

Product #3 – Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III

Just west of Japan we have South Korea, home to the ever so popular multinational conglomerate Samsung. Aside from their impressive state-of-the-art phones, they also know a thing or two about making sweet hard drives. If you are looking for a high-quality laptop hard drive, this minuscule chip is a fantastic option. Its innovative V-NAND Technology optimizes performance for everyday computing and renders large-sized 4K videos efficiently. If you are not working with a specific budget, we highly recommend this product.

Product #2 – Silicon Power 1TB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III

Remember how slow dial-up use to be? This silicon chip is the complete opposite in terms of speed. SP Silicon Power created this internal hard drive for people who are regularly downloading massive amounts of data. Its 7 mm long design is ideal for Ultra-slim notebooks, maximizing the performance of your laptop and increasing its longevity in the process. If you are not great with computers you may need someone to professionally install it for you, but it is well worth the investment.

Product #1 – Kingston A400 SSD 480GB SATA 3

All the chips listed so far are fabulous pieces of 21st century technology, but it would be a disservice to you if we did not mention this next product from Kingston Technology. Not everyone is searching for terabytes of data and some consumers have a strict budget to adhere to. If you fall under that umbrella, this product is budget friendly and carries a sufficient amount of gigabytes. If you enjoy taking photos on your phone and storing them in your computer, this laptop hard drive is picture perfect!

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