Attracting Customers with a Targeted Keyword Strategy

targeted keyword strategy

Business owners want professional, functional websites that fit their business goals and perform how they want them to. What do business owners want the websites to actually do? Rank in Google and get them more business. You could have the best website in the world, but if it doesn’t rank in search engine results, or have some kind of marketing plan, no one will ever see it! How do you get a website to rank in search engines? An effective content marketing strategy, utilizing the best keywords for your business and industry.

Keywords and Understanding User Intent

It takes a lot of trial and error to learn how to get websites to rank, especially if you are brand new to the industry. After all, there are over 200 ranking factors for Google alone, and that is constantly changing with their algorithm updates. Google is always trying to make their search results less spammy, more relevant to what the user is searching for, and completely user focused . That’s why here at Horde Marketing we focus our keyword research efforts on the users intent. We keep the users’ best interest as our first priority. After all, without quality users, there wouldn’t be quality leads.

As an example, let’s look at the keyword “water damage”. A business owner may want their website to rank on the first page of Google for this specific, requested keyword. However, if a potential customer actually had water damage, is “water damage” what they would have typed into the search results? Or would they search for something more like “water in my bathroom” or “clean up water in my bathroom”  to find a company that could help them with their specific problem? The point is, the first keyword has very little context to it. The last two, we know that there is water in the person’s bathroom and they want it cleaned up. That is a problem we can fix and guide users to content where they can get answers.

Another example is “flatbed trucking”. Well, this keyword, on face value, may look like a great, popular, high traffic keyword to a business owner. However, that by itself doesn’t really tell you what the user is needing. What kind of flatbed trucking? Are they a driver looking for companies that are hiring? Are they a trucking company looking for drivers? Are they a company looking to move a load on a flatbed? This particular keyword doesn’t answer any of these questions. Now, if you were focusing content on your website pages related to flatbed trucking, those pages would still show up for this keyword. However, going after the users intent will get you a lot further than a broad keyword with no intent behind it will.

Solving Problems with User Intent Keyword Planning

User intent tells us that they have a specific problem and they are looking for a solution. It also tells us what problem we can possibly solve for the user. After all, users are not just keyword searchers. They are people looking for help with a problem and sometimes, are looking at your company to solve that problem. This is one of the biggest reasons keyword research is so important. If you keep your customers, readers, and users first in everything you do for your website and marketing efforts, you will never go wrong. After all, the Google algorithm updates all have one thing in common: they are trying to improve things for the users. That should be the same direction your business and digital marketing efforts take also.

Sure, in business, we all want to make money. But why? To help people? To be able to support our own households? This is all great, BUT…. that is not why people are going to buy from you. This is not why people are going to keep coming back. Customers will keep coming back because you are solving their problems.

Find the Best Keywords with Help from Horde Marketing

At Horde Marketing, we work closely with each of our clients to really understand their business goals. Do you want to teach people? Do you want your audience to buy online or in your store? Are you trying to attract more leads for a specific service? That’s where we come in! We take care of the research and analyze your business goals to match them with the best possible keywords to fit those goals.

Over the years we have gained the experience and expertise to find the best keywords to use in a content marketing strategy that will get your website found online. You want your website to be found, but you want it to be found by people who are interested in buying or learning more from you! 

Take Your Online Marketing to the Next Level 

We realized that so many people and businesses didn’t understand this process, and that’s OK! Businesses are supposed to know their business, not necessarily how to market their business. That’s our job. At Horde Marketing we want to help business owners not only increase their business online, but also to help them understand WHY what we do works. If you are ready to have a conversation, feel free to reach out to us online. We would love to help you take your online marketing to the next level!