Best Ideas for Your Social Media Posts

Best Ideas for Your Social Media Posts

Coming up with content for social media posts can be challenging. We all go through phases during the week (or even the month) where we just feel brain-dead on what to post social media profiles and that’s OK! We can’t all be creative every second of every day. Social media posts, especially for a business profile, should be planned and have a strategy behind them. Let’s go through some of the best ideas for your social media posts.

The Easy Posts

A great way to fill in some content for your social posts throughout the month is to go for the “easy posts”. You don’t want to do this too often, but it can be done for those days where you aren’t sure just want to post or you want to add a little fun, light-hearted feel to your content. What are “easy posts”? The holidays throughout the month, and the random days like National Hug Your Boss Day, are all great ways to spin social posts for your content and fill up your content calendar for the month.

If you don’t already have a content calendar, this is definitely where you should start. A content calendar will help you plan out our social posts for the month, as well as blog posts.

A great resource to find national holidays and other fun days to post for is the National Day Calendar website. Just choose the month that you are working on to view all the holidays for that month. Try to pick a few that are loosely related to the social platform/company you are  working on at that time, then spin them to be fun, engaging or promotional. You always want to make sure the items are loosely related to your business or services so it is still relevant to your target audience.

Posts That Promote Engagement

Aside from just needing social media content, you also need posts that promote engagement. Some of the most effective posts for engagement are posts that include:

  • Images, gifs, or videos
  • Asking a question
  • Creating a poll for your audience
  • Are visually appealing to look at

The images, gifs or videos attract the users attention in all the noise of their social media feed. You don’t have long to attract the users valuable attention, so make sure it is worth it to them. Make sure to use images that are clean, clear and do not contain watermarks.

There are plenty of sources for free images on the internet. Pexels and Pixabay are just two sources that I try first. If you are looking for premium images, I would suggest Depositphotos or iStock.

To make your life easier, we highly recommend using a social media management tool to schedule your posts. Here at Horde Marketing, we have worked with many social media management tools. Hootsuite and Sendible are two of the most popular ones.

Need Help with Your Social Media Management or Marketing?

A great social media platform will help your business stand out in the crowd. There is a lot of noise on social media these days. Make sure you are posting what matters to your audience. Need help managing your social profiles? Our specialists at Horde Marketing are here to help. Contact us online today to get started.