Must Have Website Services Every Business Needs

Must Have Website Services Every Business Needs

Decades of improvement to digital technology since the 1990’s has completely revolutionized the landscape on how businesses market their brand. Yes, word of mouth, billboards and TV advertising can still be effective, but it doesn’t have as broad of a reach when you compare it to the potential of the internet.

If you are a new or seasoned business owner that is trying to attract new customers or keep current customers returning for more, it’s vital to create a website that reflects your company’s qualities, professionalism and expertise. To accomplish this, a website must portray everything your business offers and be search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, all while being simple to navigate.

This concept is referred to as website optimization.

How a website is constructed will either drive traffic towards it or repel it away, which means it’s important to get it right! But how exactly do you build a high-quality website? How do you maintain a website overtime to make sure its effectiveness doesn’t diminish? How many hours does it take to figure all of this out?

At Horde Marketing, we are a Georgia based digital marketing agency that does website optimization services for businesses that are seeking professional assistance in digital spaces. By focusing on the website services and strategies listed below, we’ve been able to consistently raise online traffic for numerous industries!

Website SEO Services

Feel free to read more about SEO here, but in a nutshell, it’s the use of certain keywords on a website that allows search engines to find your website in an endless sea of data. Since most people don’t make it past the first page when they use search engines, large companies will often pay thousands of dollars just to get their website as high up the list as possible.

That being said, you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars to climb the search engine hierarchy.

At Horde Marketing, we apply certain guidelines to ensure websites we are responsible for have the best possible chance of being found by popular search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and of course Google. Trying to do this on your own can be tricky because too much redundancy of keywords or not enough of them will drive Google’s algorithms away from the website.

You’re better off leaving it to experts.

Website Services Revolve Around Speed

Did you know a one-second increase to your website’s speed can boost the overall conversion rate by seven percent? Dial-up speed is way past its prime and people no longer have the patience they once had for websites to load up. Speed optimization allows your website to run smoothly and, more importantly, is a crucial SEO factor. Speed optimization services include HTTPS setup, image optimization, caching configuration, redirect optimization and image optimization.

Maintenance Keeps the Search Engines Running

A car without maintenance will eventually break down. Similarly, a website without maintenance can deteriorate over time. That’s why we routinely check on the following factors to ensure websites stay running properly: see whether pages pop up with no errors, check to see if the website is backed up online, upload software updates, remove spam, search for broken links on the website, and search for 404 errors.

Simple things like domain age, meta title, meta description and content can make or break how effectively SEO works for your website. If you aren’t exactly sure how all these things affect SEO, follow this link to learn more about SEO and why it matters for businesses.

An Updated Site Will Draw Attention

Simply installing software updates to your website is not enough. One of the many benefits to updating your website consistently is that it will act like a lighthouse beacon and attract search engines to the site.


Because the more quality content you add, the higher chances search engines will find you. Older information and blogs are not picked up as easily compared to newer, more up to date entries. Little things like optimizing product catalogs, adjusting semantic structure, and adding more search engine-friendly metadata can be the difference between Google’s algorithms picking you up or not.

Of course, it’s not as easy as we make it seem. It requires lots of manpower and hours to check over all the different aspects of a website efficiently. Not only that, but it’s very specific details, words, and data that needs to be uploaded. Rather than spending time figuring all these things out, hiring a professional team can give you less headaches down the line.

Website Optimization Services you can Trust

If you are interested in taking the next leap forward, put your faith in Horde Marketing for all your digital marketing needs. Although our home base is in the Georgia counties of Fulton, Jasper, Butts, Henry, and Clayton, we also offer services for companies all around the United States.

Are you ready?

Give us a call at 678-961-9435 or send us an email with any questions or concerns related to website SEO services and general upkeep. We look forward to hearing from you!