The Social Media Tool We Can’t Live Without

social media icons

Online tools help businesses accomplish tasks faster, more efficiently and often easier than a more traditional, tool-less approach. In some cases, tools can also make some tasks more fun! Our team here at Horde Marketing uses a variety of tools to keep our tasks in order and efficiently executed. These tools make tasks for many […]

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What’s the Difference Between Digital and Traditional Marketing?

digital marketing example

“Marketing” in its traditional sense is not digital marketing. While marketing is digital, marketing itself isn’t solely digital, and over the years, marketing has presented itself in a variety of industries. Though digital marketing does encompass marketing, it is a separate entity. Because marketing comes in a variety of forms, we want to discuss the […]

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Get to Know the Lingo: SEO, SEM, PPC…. WTF?

digital marketing

If you know a little bit about digital marketing, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the acronyms digital marketers use. However, just knowing the acronyms and the terms doesn’t mean that you fully understand what the lingo of the digital marketing world is. But: Fear not! You don’t have to feel intimidated by this lingo. […]

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Why You Need a Business Website

business website design and development

“Why do I need a website?” If you’ve ever worked with or asked a Horde Marketing team member this question, this first part will be very familiar to you. This is a question we get asked on the reg from a wide variety of people at all different stages of their business. Our answer is […]

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The Importance of Digital Content

seo infographic digital marketing

Content is not only words on a page. It is audio, video, images, and so much more! The importance of digital content is steadily and consistently rising. The infographic above regarding digital content explains much of this in one, simple picture.

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