The Social Media Tool We Can’t Live Without

Online tools help businesses accomplish tasks faster, more efficiently and often easier than a more traditional, tool-less approach. In some cases, tools can also make some tasks more fun!

Our team here at Horde Marketing uses a variety of tools to keep our tasks in order and efficiently executed. These tools make tasks for many businesses faster, more efficient, and sometimes easier and just plain fun. For the team here at Horde Marketing, we’ve tried out several social media management tools over the years, but we have a winner: Sendible.

Have you heard of Sendible? Don’t worry: it’s likely that you’re not alone!

Our go-to social media tool is Sendible. This social media management tool has been a favorite of our team for years. Sure, we have explored other options, but Sendible always comes out on top.

Why the Horde Marketing Team Turned To Sendible

As digital marketing professionals, we’ve tried out the latest and greatest social media management tools over the years. Hootsuite was a great starting point for us, and the schedulers found in social media platforms like Facebook aren’t bad, but we quickly realized that we needed something capable of handling all of our social media needs, including a great reporting platform.

Hootsuite has been around for years, and is a common social media management tool that many professionals make use of – and hats off to those professionals! Hootsuite has maintained a consistent basis for social media, and continues to add onto its services as new platforms take off (Hello, Instagram?). However, we found their reporting platform to be slightly lackluster for our needs. For starters, we didn’t like that some reports required extra funds. Why would you use a social media scheduling tool without detailed reports? We will cover a more indepth review of our Hootsuite experience in another post though, so stay tuned to our blog!

After assessing our budget as a new agency, we started searching for a social media management tool that offered the amount of services we needed at a price that fit our budget. We happened upon SocialPilot, touted by the renowned Neil Patel, and we immediately signed up. What we found, however, was a service that didn’t quite suit our needs, especially when it came to reporting. The reports were very – shall we say – limited. We weren’t able to gather all of the information we needed to supply to our clients to ensure an ongoing social media campaign that would continue to build upon itself. We also did not like that we couldn’t group client reports together or show how the SEO campaign we created was performing.

So, we went back to an old, reliable social media partner: Sendible.

Sendible is a social media management tool that our Co-Founder Meredith Loos had been using for years both independently and with other clients. It was originally introduced from an agency partner Meredith has worked with for years, and quickly became a reliable tool that not only provided the services we required at Horde Marketing, but also the reports that we needed to provide valuable data to our clients.

Could Sendible be Your Social Media Management Solution?

Are you searching for a social media management tool that can assist you in your day-to-day social media needs? As an agency, Sendible has become our go-to solution, which is why we’ve joined their affiliate program. Use our link to sign up for your Sendible account and get started with a leading social media management tool to further your social media interactions with customers and prospects.

Have you already signed up for Sendible and use it daily/weekly/monthly or yearly? We’d love to hear about your experiences and why you chose Sendible!

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