Top Gaming Mouse Picks From a Team of PC Gamers

Gaming mouse with red buttons

Horde Marketing is a group of tech savvy individuals who love helping businesses with all their technology needs. Many of our employees participate in PC gaming during down time at the office and at home. Not only were we bragging about who is better at which game, but we even got into a friendly debate over which gaming mouse is best and  which computer accessories are a must have.

Obviously, we all had something to say.

Below, you will find one of the results of that lively conversation. In no particular order, we have listed some of the best gaming mouses available for hardcore gamers and casual PC users alike. Also, don’t forget to look at our other list to see which gaming headset you can pair up with your gaming mouse.

Product #11 – Redragon M602 RGB

If you are looking for a high-end PC mouse that will take your gaming experience up a notch, this is a good place to start. One of the things that makes the M602 RGB unique is the 7 MMO user programmable buttons. Create up to 5 different memory profiles with distinct LED color options for quick identification. Throw in a price that sits under $15 and you can see how this colorful gaming mouse is a popular choice among individuals on a strict budget.

Product #10 – Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Tested and validated by top eSports players, the Razer DeathAdder supports up to 50 million clicks and is supported by a 2-year warranty. Its ridged, rubberized scroll and tactile bumps gives users maximum control during game play. Top it off with maximum sensitivity of 16,000 dots per inch (DPI) and this gaming mouse is comfortably one of the most elite choices on our list.

Product #9 – Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

If you are used to having a wired mouse but don’t want to have outdated technology, Logitech has you covered. Its advanced button tensioning design reduces the amount of pressure needed to click the mouse without sacrificing response and consistency. This mouse may not be as flashy as some of the previous products mentioned, but it will absolutely deliver on its performance.

Product #8 – UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

This next gaming mouse was not made with a casual gamer in mind. Instead, this is for the MMO gamer who is looking to make every movement and click count to the highest degree. The Venus Gaming Mouse weight can be adjusted to the user’s preference thanks to built in 2.4 g weights, has 18 programmable buttons on the side and an incredible 16400 DPI high precision laser.

Product #7 – Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Although having programmable buttons on the side is a definite plus, it isn’t necessary for all computer tasks. If you want a mouse for gaming and a mouse for the internet but don’t want to purchase two separate items, the Razer Naga Trinity takes customizing to the next level. With 3 interchangeable side plates to choose from, you can alternate between 2, 7, or 12 buttons on the side of your mouse!

Product #6 – Logitech G602 Wired Gaming Mouse

If you are familiar with Logitech but aren’t interested in the wired mouse listed earlier in our countdown, here is a wireless version of the same high quality. Unlike some other competing products, this gaming mouse was made with longevity in mind. It has up to 250 hours of battery life and can last 20 million clicks without breaking a sweat. Originally at $79.99, it can now be purchased for $24.99. Talk about a deal!

Product #5 – Corsair M65

Is 16,000 DPI not good enough for your PC gaming? Are you looking for the most accurate mouse possible? Look no further than the Corsair M65. With an astronomical 18,000 DPI that can be customized in 1 DPI steps, you can literally find the exact sensitivity that fits your game play. Like some of the other products mentioned, the Corsair M65 has eight fully programmable buttons and an advanced tunable weight system.

Product #4 – Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

If you are a lefty, finding a comfortable gaming mouse may be a bit of a challenge. If so, consider going for the Razer Lancehead TE. Made for both right-handed and left-handed gamers, this highly sensitive mouse is made with small, tactile bumps that give users an extra layer of control. To get it in wireless form will cost some extra cash, but wire or not this is a high quality gaming mouse for e-sports players and casual players alike.

Product #3 – Havit Gaming Mouse 12000

Although Havit is newer to the gaming community compared to some other companies, don’t be fooled into thinking they can’t make quality products. With 14 buttons to make in-games decisions faster and 12000 DPI, their gaming mouse makes playing online comfortable and smooth. If 12000 DPI is a bit too much for you, then lower it to one of the five other pre-programmed DPI settings available.

Product #2 – Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse

If you are trying to keep it under $20 but don’t want the mouse to break within the first couple of months, consider the Redragon M601 RGB. Its comfortable ergonomic design, weight adjustable setting and adjustable DPI makes you wonder how Redragon was able to make such a well-designed product at such an affordable rate. Again, don’t let the price fool you, this mouse was made to endure PC gaming wear and tear.

Product #1 – Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Although this list is in no particular order, we decided to leave this insider secret for the end. If you are looking to pair the best gaming headset with the best gaming mouse on the market, then this is the product for you. Yes, it is a bit on the pricier end compared to some of the others, but it is well worth the investment. With a whopping 16000 DPI, 50 million click durability, four removable sides and ultra-lightweight design, this gaming mouse takes everything a gamer wants and maximizes it to the fullest potential. This mouse may not be under everyone’s budget, but it is truly a PC gamer’s dream come true.

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