Why You Need a Business Website

“Why do I need a website?”

If you’ve ever worked with or asked a Horde Marketing team member this question, this first part will be very familiar to you. This is a question we get asked on the reg from a wide variety of people at all different stages of their business. Our answer is pretty simple, but we like to break it down this way:

Meet George

George loves to work for your company. He loves it SO much that he works all day, every single day. He also never takes vacation and rarely, if ever, gets sick. Could you imagine? An employee never taking vacation, time off or rarely ever getting sick? That is George.

George takes questions and comments for you 24/7, even while you’re sleeping – he’s still working hard for your company! He presents your company information and answers a lot of questions so you don’t have to. George may even take payments for you or close a potential new customer on your behalf. What does he ask in return? A pat on the back every now and then to keep him going strong.

What would an employee like that be worth to your company? What do you think your company could accomplish?

In case you haven’t already guessed, George is your website.

What a Business Website Can Do for Your Company

One of the first questions we ask a potential client when they ask us for a website is “What do you want the website to do?” We can build websites all day long but if it is not lining up with your business goals, you aren’t going to view it as a success. Here at Horde Marketing, everything we do regarding your online presence is something we like to call “goal-orientated digital marketing”: there is a reason for everything and it all ties back to the client’s business goals.

A website can:

  • Provide ample information about your company, services or products, including past, present and future direction of your business.
  • Collect user information via contact forms such as name, email and interest in your company. This information is then used in your marketing efforts (with the user’s consent), such as when the user joins your email newsletter to stay updated, connect, get more information about your company, or potentially sell your services or products to them later.
  • Be a lead generation machine to bring you and your sales team a consistent flow of people interested in your company, some with their payment methods in-hand and ready to go (when they’ve been driven down the appropriate digital marketing funnels).
  • Provide customer/client support through the use of an FAQ and/or articles section outlining your company and how your product/service operates, how to overcome obstacles, etc.

If George – George being your business website – could accomplish all of this for your company, freeing up more of your time to keep the business moving forward, why wouldn’t you want to employ him?

Horde Marketing can help you create the perfect George for your business. Start the conversation online, via social media or via telephone at 678-961-9435.