Computer Network and Network Security

computer network

Networking machines and devices together has become part of everyday life. This holds true in the home and especially in the business place. Having a computer network simply means that all of your devices are connected and share the same internet connection. This doesn’t means that you have to have internet to network computers together as many businesses will connect their computers together to talk to an in house server so that they can perform daily tasks and save that data to a central location. The Horde Marketing team can troubleshoot connectivity issues and perform the necessary tasks needed to make your machines talk together – whether it is computer to computer or computer to server.

Wireless Network Solutions

WiFi connectivity has become one of, if not the most widely used forms of networking today. Smartphones, iPads. and gaming systems use WiFi to connect to the internet and browse the web. They are used to get emails, check social media, and make communication instant. Horde Marketing can troubleshoot and configure your WiFi setup and ensure that all of your wireless devices can connect to the internet. Almost all gaming consoles use WiFi to game online and watch streaming videos such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. We will ensure that your console will have the ability to connect to these services and play as smooth as possible.

Why You Need a Firewall for Computer and Network Security

Firewalls should be installed on every network. A Firewall is your security device that is placed between your network and the outside world. Its job is the block any attempt where as someone may try to gain access to your network. If an intruder can gain access to your network then all of your sensitive data is compromised. Everyone has information on their computer or server that is private which can range from emails to your customer information. This is why we stress the need of having a firewall in place so you can feel secure in knowing that your private information remains private.

To sum up, what Horde Marketing offers is a network that will perform at its peak while providing adequate WiFi signal and connectivity while protecting your infrastructure by using the best practices and utilization of a firewall. These key components will be configured and install to the fastest speeds available while configuring your firewall to get the most out of  the protection the firewall offers.