Local Computer Repair and Computer Upgrade Services

computer repair

When your computer is down at home or at your place of business you need a local computer repair tech fast. Whether you have a computer, a network of computers, or a down server, Horde Marketing is here to help! We will respond quickly to address your computer or information technology (IT) issues to get you back up and online as fast as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority and our mission is to help you get your production back up and running with as little cost needed.

In most cases when a computer fails there is usually only one component that fails and can be replaced without having to replace the entire machine. Our Technology Department has over 20 years of experience in quickly diagnosing and efficiently repairing the problem.

Information Technology Repair that Comes to You

Horde Marketing will come to your home or business to perform the repairs needed. When our technician leaves your property, you will be left with a functioning machine or, at the very least, clear communication of the next steps. There is no need of unplugging everything and hauling your computer to a repair shop, having to leave it for a couple of days, not seeing the work being done, or knowing that you get quality service.

If you prefer to having your machine worked on off-site then no problem! By allowing us to be your local computer repair technician we will come and do all the lifting and unhooking, take the machine with us and we will have the problem fixed and returned the next day in most cases. We will return your machine, hook up all of your devices and show you that everything is working to your satisfaction.

Computer Upgrades and Custom Builds for Less

From time to time you may want to upgrade your computer without the cost of replacing the entire machine. Horde Marketing handles that too! Our Technology Department will get you the right parts to make your aging machine run like new again. This includes things such as RAM, video cards upgrades, or a combination of upgrades that will help you get better performance without having to dish out a lot of cash for a brand new machine.

If you do feel the need for a completely new computer or server, our technicians will go over every option for you to ensure you are getting the right machine for your needs. Our team does not work off commission and truly enjoys helping, so you are sure to get exactly what you need to fit your specific situation.

Contact Horde Marketing for Your Commercial or Residential Needs

Ready for that machine of yours to work at top performance again? Our Technology Department is standing by to help you! Same day service in most cases, our technician will come to your location and get you back up and running quickly! Contact us online or by phone (678-961-9435) to get the help you need fast