What is Search Engine Optimization?

seo and content marketing

Let’s face it: We all want more qualified traffic to our website – but how do we get there? SEO is one of the most effective ways to increase qualified traffic to your business’s website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provide a long-term solution to increasing traffic and ROI for your business.

SEO is the art of making your website favorable for search engines in order to increase your ranking, working to improve your current rank and help you outrank your competitors when possible. If you’re not familiar with this content marketing tactic, our team at Horde Marketing can walk you through the process, offering transparency at every step of the way.

SEO and Content Marketing Services

At Horde Marketing, we employ a combination of SEO strategies through an effective Content Marketing campaign to help our clients get the most out of their website’s search engine efforts. By using a combination of the two while implementing on-site and off-site optimization tactics, we have created a proven strategy to gain search engine exposure for our client’s websites and improve their company’s online presence.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing strategies are not “one size fits all”, nor are they a “set and forget” kind of deal. Our packages are tailored to each individual company and their specific industry. We analyze each aspect and suggest a plan of action from there.  Our package guidelines format to how aggressive the client wants to be with their digital marketing efforts, allowing us to scale any package either up or down to suit the client’s needs.

Ready to Take Your Company’s Online Presence to the Next Level?

Though we cannot guarantee a specific number increase for your business, the clients we have worked with in the past have seen an average of 30-40% increased traffic with the digital marketing efforts they hired us to work on. What could your company accomplish with an average increase like that?!

Contact us today to see how Horde Marketing and your company can work together to achieve great things online!