Social Media Services Reach Your Customers Fast

social media marketing services

How many times today have you checked your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts? Once? Twice? Ten times?

Research suggests that the average American spends roughly 2 hours on social media every day. So why not reach out to potential customers where they are already spending time?

Social media has given the world the ability to connect with each other in a multitude of ways for both personal and professional reasons:

  • B2C businesses boom with the ability to reach people in an instant at nearly any time throughout the day.
  • B2B businesses thrive by getting their message in front of company decision-makers with the touch of a button.

At Horde Marketing, we break down social media services into two categories: Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing. Each of these services is tailored to each individual client to support their business goals, whether it’s building an audience or engaging with their current followers to drive their business regardless of industry.

What is Social Media Management

Social Media Management includes optimizing the social media profile pages and the posts for your company’s audience to engage with the content being posted. We want your current followers to engage with your business to increase your overall ROI! If a social account has 10,000 likes or followers but those people aren’t engaging (sharing, commenting, liking, etc), the audience does very little good. We’re always excited to see high follower counts because that means we accept the challenge of increasing engagement – and we love a good challenge (don’t believe us, ask our guilds!)!

Optimizing for Engagement

At Horde Marketing, we analyze each social media profile to help establish an effective target audience for the social media campaign to increase the engagement. We monitor which posts are working and which ones aren’t and do more of what works. There are many things that work that we already know (tried and true), however, each audience and each industry is different. We tailor our campaign efforts to meet the client’s needs.

What is Social Media Marketing

The main difference between Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing is that the marketing side utilizes ads. Quite similar to the way PPC works in search engines, Social Media Marketing includes:

  • Setting an ad budget for the platform
  • Optimizing the audience
  • Creating an ad that will be effective based on the client’s goals
  • Monitoring the ads to make sure it’s receiving the right type of engagement and performance

We create the ads based on the client’s goals, whether that goal be to increase page likes, increase website visits, improve product sales or even to build an email marketing list. Each campaign and ad is set up differently to target those behaviors and increase ROI with a set goal in mind for success.

Horde Marketing Can Help With Both!

We have a proven track record for managing and marketing social media profiles for our clients. Regardless of your goal, Horde Marketing can help! Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management work very well together; they work even better when when combined with a Content Marketing and SEO campaign!

Contact us to see how we can work together to help your business succeed at Social!