The Start of Digital Marketing: Web Design & Development Services

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Digital marketing entails a wide variety of tactics to drive traffic to your website, but what if you don’t have a website? Your company’s online presence is often the first interaction that customers will have with your business, and creating an online presence that speaks to your brand and tells your brand story is the key to building and growing your business both online and offline.

Our team at Horde Marketing provides custom web design and development services to help small and medium-sized businesses present their business online. We work closely with each client to not only build their brand, but to tell their brand story, display their products and/or services in an attractive manner and make sure that the business can be found by all major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

What Makes a Good Company? A Great Website!

If you are a new company and just getting started, a website is likely on your to-do list – along with setting up your business accounts, finding a retail location and the plethora of other requirements that go along with starting a small business. Or – if you’re a medium-sized business who’s interested in growing your company, you may need to rebrand the business starting with the website. We’re here to help!

Expert Website Design and Development Services

Our experienced team at Horde Marketing has been designing and developing websites for a variety of businesses in various industries for nearly 20 years of combined experience. We stay current on the latest trends and the best digital marketing strategies to ensure that your business is found online. 

Our website designs include:

  • A development process to keep page speed down and integrate favorable tactics for search engines
  • Consistent typography, graphics and color schemes
  • Sitemaps and design comps to ensure cohesiveness
  • Responsive designs to work across all devices
  • QA testing on all platforms and browsers

We understand the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses, and create customized websites to drive traffic and encourage conversions, boosting your revenue and providing valuable ROI.

Contact Horde Marketing for Web Design & Development Services

Are you ready to get your business out there on the Internet? Are you ready to take your web presence to the next level? You’re in luck! We’re ready to help!

Horde Marketing provides clients with the highest quality web design and development services geared toward increasing your bottom line. We stay current on the latest digital marketing trends, and utilize those trends to provide website design that attracts and intrigues your potential customers, encouraging them to become customers.

Contact us online at or reach out via telephone at 678-961-9435 to start the conversation about your new website design today!